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10. Career Creativity: Finding Joy in Your Work

10. Career Creativity: Finding Joy in Your Work

Capitalism got you down? Jeanine & Emily talk about how they reclaim power and joy in the workplace

And with that, our first season of Writing Our Way to Wellness comes to a close. While we’re sad to say goodbye for now, we are so thankful for everyone who joined us in this compassionate, soulful space.

In your career, you are not, and never will be, powerless.

-Jeanine Marie Russaw


In the season 1 finale, we're talking about the source of a lot of the stress in our lives: work. As writers, it can be hard to find workplaces that value our creativity and also give us the time and space to recharge our energy. But it's not impossible. Jeanine Marie Russaw, a Community Coordinator at Girls Write Now, chats with Community Manager Emily Rigby about finding joy and maintaining an authentic connection to your purpose in the workplace. Listen to how these writers and employees reclaim their stories, and in doing so reclaim their power.

Writing Prompt:

Find your “why.” Think of the work that you do and ask yourself why it is important to you. Challenge yourself to ask why your initial reaction is significant, why the second reaction is significant, and so on until you get to the core of why. Do this for your career and your writing practice.

Thank you to Sally Familia, Vahni Kurra, and Kathryn Destin who produced this season. And thank you, our listeners, for embarking on this wellness journey together.

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Writing Our Way to Wellness
Writing Our Way to Wellness is a conversational podcast driven by Girls Write Now’s community members of mentees, mentors, and content experts exploring wellness in the art of writing. Released in September 2023, Writing Our Way to Wellness gives silenced voices a brave space to navigate what wellness looks, sounds, and feels like to them. Listeners will be able to engage in transcultural and intergenerational conversations covering a range of topics from social, emotional, physical, and spiritual wellness. By exploring this rarely discussed matter, listeners and our guests will leave the conversation with more tools to help them navigate the challenges that follow being a human in this ever-evolving society.